About SixSigmaTraining.Com

SixSigmaTraining.Com, an online resource for process and quality improvement information, has a wealth of free information, tools, videos and other resources for use by professionals and students interested in process improvement and process excellence. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of resources to help people improve their quality and processes. We think that making this site freely available to all will accomplish this.

In addition to articles written by Thomas Pyzdek, author of a monthly magazine column and several leading reference books in the process excellence field, the site includes tutorial videos showing how to use software to perform various analysis, podcasts on Six Sigma and various other topics, a blog discussing the relevance of process and quality issues to stories in the news, articles by other authors, and much more.

Users can access and rate any of the site’s information without registration. In addition, registered users can post their comments on any article or posting. they can also access a variety of social networking resources to share anything they find to be particularly interesting. We hope that users help this site become even better. By participating in the creation of new content, and by sharing their discoveries with others, users can help promote quality improvement and process excellence.

SixSigmaTraining.Com will also include the work of authors other than Thomas Pyzdek. We are actively seeking authors who have written articles and books relating to quality and process improvement. Author biographies can be found here.