The Learning Concept at Pyzdek Institute

During the manufacturing process, defects are inevitable and finding a way to minimize or eliminate them is paramount. Six Sigma and lean manufacturing are unique approaches that aid in addressing such errors, with Pyzdek Institute being at the center of training individuals on this one-size-fits-all approach. Here is what the learning concept of the institution entails.

Online resources

Those who enroll at Pyzdek Institute have access to a wide variety of resources to aid in the learning process. That ensures that such individuals gain the exposure they need to understand six sigma and lean manufacturing better. These resources include email support, more than 70 online modules, forums for communication with instructors, online resources for study, among others.

DFSS and Lean Six Sigma courses

The institute combines these courses because both are instrumental for those who work on Lean Six Sigma projects. That is because they experience various challenges from time to time, which require them to change the design of the process or the products. As a result, this training helps experts mitigate the negative impact of such situations, including a waste reduction in the value chain.

Focus on customers

Learners enrolling in the programs that Pyzdek Institute offers have a shift of interest towards what consumers need. That includes specific interest in functioning, service quality and the cost of a product. Also, learners gain insight on how to reduce the capital they require, how to control processes and improve on speed as well. That is what the Institute aims to achieve ultimately through its training programs. Contact us for more information.

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How Six Sigma Training Can Benefit Employees

Increasing one’s knowledge after school is one of the disciplines that most employees try to cultivate to develop their skills and knowledge in general. In most cases, that proves the right thing to do, especially in the changing business and employment environment. Six Sigma training is one of the opportunities that employees can leverage on and here is how it can benefit their lives.

Adds to their credentials

Any employee with Six Sigma qualification proves as an invaluable resource to the company, which is why it is important for such employees to attach these qualifications with their other credentials. Such qualification can either be green or black belt level certification, and any of them can land you a job because most probably, employers will give such individuals priority in the recruitment process.

Protection from layoffs

As organizations move to restructure their operations to accommodate new changes in the environment they operate in, most probably, the solution will be to lay off some workers. That is an unpleasant experience for those who lose their jobs, and there is sometimes no guarantee of securing employment elsewhere. Six Sigma qualifications can help you retain your job during such times, which means that you are an asset that the company values.

Applicable in diverse environments

The fact that you can apply Six Sigma in new environments means that if a company closes down, you will still be marketable. As a result, you will be able to transfer the same knowledge in the new job through practical applications, which also strengthens your position in the next job you secure. Contact us for more information.

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Caterpillar Dealer Sees Strength in Six Sigma Training for Executive Staff

Imagine a company where 95 percent of the executive staff has Six Sigma training. According to a recent article from Mirror Business, that is the reality of United Tractor & Equipment (UTE), Sri Lanka’s only authorized dealer for Caterpillar, Inc.

Caterpillar USA turned to Six Sigma in 2001, the article stated. UTE opted to embrace and deploy the methodology as well, which has helped to provide a competitive edge that increases the value of its products and services. UTE’s Caterpillar USA Master Black Belt stated that Six Sigma goes beyond simply using statistical tools to implement improvements. It is more about continuous improvements and purposeful change.

Nearly all of the senior staff, including managers and executives, are Six Sigma Green Belt trained or higher. Recently, the company began offering Green Belt certification to some of its customers, so that other local businesses could also take advantage of the skills and the benefits. Students were shown the DMAIC improvement cycle — the core tool of Six Sigma. DMAIC is an acronym which stands for:

  • Define the goals of an improvement activity;
  • Measure the existing system;
  • Analyze the system to determine where it is currently in relationship to the defined goal;
  • Improve the system;
  • Control the new system.

The number of corporations and organizations worldwide who are embracing Six Sigma methods and encouraging training for their staff is growing all the time. Would you like to learn more about how Six Sigma training can help your business to do things better, faster, and at a greater value? If so, contact us.

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How Different Phases of Six Sigma Training Influence Employees

The Six Sigma functions as an improvement plan for projects meaning there is the need to have a project first that needs improvement. The primary goal of Six Sigma is to improve quality of output by identifying and removing the wastes of the process. In simple terms, Six Sigma is a problem-solving process.

During Six Sigma training, team members go through five phases of training before certification as having the correct knowledge about six sigma to start giving back to their individual companies.

1. Phase one: identifying and defining the problem

The first step includes learning how to set a problem, i.e., what problem they intend to fix. The problem receives a rating according to severity, its impact on business and which particular area it affects. This feature helps employees to gain better understanding on the needs of the customers and how to interpret feedbacks.

2. Phase two; measurement

Focuses mostly on how the project is performing so far by rooting for the problem from where it started. This period of training enables employees to perfect the art of rooting for issues articulated through customer feedbacks.

3. Phase three: analyzing

This phase of training involves training employees how to analyze their finding by reviewing factors like data collection process and the data collected to verify the cause of the problem.

4. Fourth phase: improvement

After analyzing and knowing the problem, trainers had to figure out how to improve in the area identified. This period of training breeds a group of employees who are creative and assertive regarding finding a solution to a problem.

5. Phase five: control

After finding the solution, trainers also have to come up with a way to sustain the solution. In this period of training shapes employees to enhance their team building abilities to influence other staff to work together towards achieving a sustainable solution. Contact us for more information.

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Why You Need Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma Certification has established a reputation as the premier quality assurance and management training course in recent times. It consists of a set of tools and techniques carefully designed to help organizations to improve processes by minimizing errors and variation during production. Though originally conceptualized for the typical industrial manufacturing setup, its application has diversified to many other industries where process improvement is necessary. Below are some of the benefits an individual or organization can gain from undergoing Six Sigma training.

Reduce or eliminate variation and errors

From an individual perspective, Six Sigma empowers one with ability to identify flaws in business processes and innovatively minimize or eliminate them altogether. This directly leads to cost savings as well as an ultimate increase in overall business output. Companies can use Six Sigma to reduce or eliminate variation in products and services, and ensure consistency in their production.

Inculcates Compliance

Businesses engaged in international operations face an overwhelming number of compliance related issues within different jurisdictions around the world. Six Sigma’s stringent quality standards ensure that these businesses’ products meet all stipulated compliance issues can access international markets.

Nurtures Leadership skills   

Six Sigma training equips individuals with wide-ranging skill sets that can help them improve operational efficiency across their respective companies. Six Sigma models such individuals as change agents and, therefore, positions them to take over leadership roles. Promotion to leadership position comes with improved pay package and other benefits for such individuals. Get in touch with us now for more information on Six Sigma training.

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The Financial Value of Six Sigma Training for Employees and Suppliers

According to a recent article from Industry Week, quality training for suppliers and quality incentives and training for staff can provide an important financial value to organizations.

The reasoning for providing quality training to suppliers, the article states, is that it creates a common language between the organization and its external partners. It helps suppliers to understand the impact of defective products or delays. A unified focus on the customer allows for greater financial success.

The same concept of common language and understanding applies to those working within the organization, as well. The provision of quality programs such as Six Sigma training helps employees to not only understand their role in creating quality for the customer, but it also increases their competency in doing so. A recent study has shown that, while it might seem logical for all employees to receive quality training, the best return of investment can be found in those companies who invest in training for quality-related staff and those who request it. The study also found that customer-value related concepts — including Six Sigma — offered the highest financial benefits to companies.

The article also stated that there is financial reward to be had for providing incentives to employees that meet critical quality targets. By providing formal recognition of quality goals being met and tying it to employee performance, organizations see a faster cultural change, the article stated. A study found that manager recognition was the incentive that provided the greatest financial benefit and provided excellent tools for engaging and motivating employees.

Would you like to know more about Six Sigma training for your employees and suppliers? We’d be happy to help.

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Three Key Benefits of Six Sigma Training to Organizations

Initially, six sigma functioned as a tool for reducing waste and costs associated with production. Over time, it evolved into one of the most important strategies that businesses use to produce goods as per the customer’s specifications.

Most companies enroll their employees for six sigma training to improve business effectiveness. Through training, employees become efficient problem solvers and increase a company’s productivity in the years to come. Some other ways six sigma training benefits an organization include:

1. Improved customer loyalty

The primary goal of a business is to get a strong customer base, which is only possible through high customer retention. The main reason customers fail to return to a business is dissatisfaction. Enrolling your employee for six sigma training sharpens their customer relations skills and boosts their clients’ retention power, which helps create a solid customer base.

2. Improved time management

Implementing six sigma training for your business boosts your employees’ time management capabilities, hence optimized business activities. Employees who manage their time properly result in a more efficient business and more goal focused organization. Training achieves this character in three critical areas: performance, learning, and fulfillment.

3. Reduced production time cycle

Most of the time, projects extend past deadline due to constant changes halfway the production or shift in management policy. Six Sigma training ensures streamlined production. It helps in setting up a team of experienced employees from every department tasked with ensuring every factor is under consideration before production begins and in the course of production to eliminate any glitches. Contact us for more information.

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City set to save $570k after review of phone, internet services after Six Sigma project

Downtown El Paso Texas skyline seen just after sunset. 16 x 9 aspect ratio. Space for copy.

Lean Six Sigma training can be a huge cost saver for city governments, as one recent effort in the city of El Paso shows. City set to save $570k after review of phone, internet services thanks to a project carried out with Lean Six Sigma training.

An employee team led by Roman Sanchez, a Business Systems Analyst in the city’s Department of Information Technology Services. He and other employees were trained in Lean Six Sigma and applied what they learned to an effort to cut phone and Internet service costs.

Phone and Internet service for city staff have had grown by an average of nearly $205,000 since 2012. Sanchez and his team created a set of changes that saved the city $114,000 in FY 2015 and an estimated $456,000. Their team’s goal was to find ways to save $98,000 a year.

In part because of those results, City Manager Tommy Gonzalez described Lean Six Sigma as “a strong management and leadership tool”.

The team presented four recommendations to the city:

  • Complete an inventory of existing services
  • Streamline the ad-hoc process of initiating and terminating services
  • Create a reporting mechanism to help departments manage costs
  • Establish an electronic reconciliation process

El Paso’s Lean Six Sigma project is part of a broader effort to reduce inefficiencies and cut costs for communication by making better use of current technologies. Other city governments could benefit from a similar review process in telecommunication services and other aspects of government services.

If you would like to know more about Lean Six Sigma training and applications for governments or businesses, contact us or visit our site.

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Pyzdek Institute Announces Lean Healthcare Overview Course


Group of multiracial doctors standing consulting patient records on a tablet computer, close up view

The Pyzdek Institute, a world-renowned leader in Lean Six Sigma training, now offers Lean Healthcare training. The pilot program, the Lean Healthcare Overview Course, is available now and the follow-up program, the Lean Healthcare Expert course, will be launched soon.

Lean is an operational excellence methodology that focuses on the flow of value through a value stream. The Lean approach promotes continual analysis and improvement in an effort to provide customers with a greater value while using fewer resources. When Lean principles are implemented, work flow is maximized and waste is eliminated. Although traditionally utilized in a manufacturing setting, Lean training has value for every industry. In healthcare, introducing Lean methods can result in cost savings for providers and improved patient outcomes – a win, win!

The Lean Healthcare Overview Course will give participants a strong introduction to Lean principles and provide a framework for the application of those principles in the healthcare setting. Participants will:

  • develop an understanding of what Lean is and why it is important in healthcare
  • learn about the most important Lean topics, such as value and waste (muda) and why they are important in healthcare
  • become familiar with Lean Healthcare terminology and concepts

The Lean Healthcare Overview Course is offered online and takes about 3 hours to complete. Participants will have 30 days to complete the training after registering. For a complete list of topics covered in the course and to learn more about the training modules, please click here.

The Lean Healthcare Expert Course, which will be released soon, will build on the foundations outlined in the overview course.

To learn more about these courses, or any of our other Lean Six Sigma training programs, please contact us today!

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Pyzdek Institute Announces Training Program Upgrades

Businessman presenting to colleagues at a meeting

The Pyzdek Institute LLC is known and respected as one of the top providers of Six Sigma training and certification in the world. Our training programs and publications have been used by thousands of people across the globe. We have been incredibly successful, but we are always striving to improve, stay relevant, and be on top of our game so we are excited to announce some upgrades to our system!

In an effort to increase learner engagement and ease of use, we have recently analyzed our entire program and have made some important changes to our course. Our web-based content is now ready to be used on any device and has been reorganized to improve flow and navigation. The main menu page has been completely redone and the website features modern layouts, tools, and designs throughout.

Additionally, every topic covered in our training now has its own webpage. Organizing material in this way helps students focus on a single subject at a time and makes it easy to visualize progress. Progress tracking and reporting is now built in to the system to help students approach the training site in a way that complements their study patterns. State-of-the art learning principles are implemented throughout the new program to enhance comprehension and increase student engagement.

It is our hope that the new design will optimize the user experience and ultimately lead to an increase in knowledge as our students have the opportunity to learn and engage with the material in new ways. We want our students to be as fluent as possible in Lean Six Sigmamethodology so they can make the most of the training they complete.

Curious about the new program? Check out a sample lesson here or contact us to learn more!

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