What is DMAIC Methodology?

Six Sigma is a method used by companies to improve a process, resulting in a more streamlined process with less waste and a more consistent product with fewer defects. While Six Sigma is frequently associated with manufacturing plants, the system can be implemented successfully in a variety of organizations, such as business offices and service companies. … Continue reading “What is DMAIC Methodology?”

DMAIC and project plans

Six Sigma’s magic doesn’t lie in statistical or high-tech razzle-dazzle. Six Sigma relies on tried-and-true methods that have been around for decades. In fact, Six Sigma discards a great deal of the complexity that characterizes total quality management (TQM). By one expert’s count, there are more than 400 TQM tools and techniques. Six Sigma takes … Continue reading “DMAIC and project plans”


By Thomas Pyzdek Reproduction allowed if no changes are made to content and you link to http://sixsigmatraining.com from your site. Copyright © 2003 by Thomas Pyzdek, all rights reserved The tools of Six Sigma are most often applied within a simple performance improvement model known as Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control, or DMAIC. DMAIC is summarized in Figure 1. … Continue reading “DMAIC and DMADV”

Caterpillar Dealer Sees Strength in Six Sigma Training for Executive Staff

Imagine a company where 95 percent of the executive staff has Six Sigma training. According to a recent article from Mirror Business, that is the reality of United Tractor & Equipment (UTE), Sri Lanka’s only authorized dealer for Caterpillar, Inc. Caterpillar USA turned to Six Sigma in 2001, the article stated. UTE opted to embrace and … Continue reading “Caterpillar Dealer Sees Strength in Six Sigma Training for Executive Staff”

Six Sigma Training & the Unique Pyzdek Approach

With the goal of eliminating waste in a manufacturing or business process, the Pyzdek Institute offers a unique approach to streamlining via Six Sigma. Coupled with the Lean method, this approach provides a formidable set of techniques and tools for minimizing variability in a data set, increasing chances for a favorable outcome. How can Lean … Continue reading “Six Sigma Training & the Unique Pyzdek Approach”

Which Industries Cannot Benefit From Six Sigma Training?

When something useful becomes prevalent, society has a tendency to overuse it. The most prominent case-in-point is the desire to “have a plan.” While many industries should have a plan for every employee in any contingency (any industrial workplace, for example), fast food chains, retailers, and some other industries do not need to invest in … Continue reading “Which Industries Cannot Benefit From Six Sigma Training?”

What is Six Sigma Training?

  Thomas Pyzdek, founder of the Pyzdek Institute, heads a professional team of coaches and instructors who pass on their expertise and knowledge to registered users with the comprehensive approach for improving business processes known as Six Sigma Training. Six Sigma Training utilizes different “belt levels” of training. Each of these belt levels require various … Continue reading “What is Six Sigma Training?”

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

A professional who is certified in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is proficient in the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Further, these individuals take an active role in leading improvement projects. A thorough understanding of all components of the different phases of DMAIC allows such individuals to lead improvement projects as a full-time role. Certification in … Continue reading “Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training”