The Significance of Six Sigma Training Program

Six Sigma training has become a favorite topic of discussion in most organizations, even as executives try to embrace the concept. Part of the reason for its popularity is the fact that it seeks to bring perfection in operations, which leads to profitability and efficiency in workplaces.

Basis for accomplishment of projects

When a company embarks on some project, all the details that pertain to it need verification to identify all requirements that will lead to successful accomplishment of such tasks. However, you may not achieve it due to one reason or the other, which means that such projects will eventually fail. As such, six sigma training offers insight on how to avoid breakdowns in between projects from conception to the accomplishment stage.

Positive impact on one’s career

Six Sigma Training has a lifetime implication on your career because it avails the analytical skills and knowledge that will help you accomplish your duties with little or no challenges at all. Also, anyone with Six Sigma certification proves that they have some unique capabilities. That is what most employers consider, and candidates with such certification will naturally stand out.

Practical application capabilities

Through Six Sigma Training, one can realize a positive impact on some business aspects in measurable terms. These include a reduction in the cost of doing business, improvement of knowledge, streamlining of business processes and promotion of employee commitment. All these provide a better business environment because they affect daily operations directly. Call us now for more details.

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Lean Six Sigma: Would You Consider a Contract Position?

Staff Providers, LLC — eventually turned their focus to placing Lean Six Sigma black belt candidates

They started out as a healthcare staffing firm in Norwalk, Conn., more than a dozen years ago. According to an article from InsuranceNewsNet, Lisa and Howard Chubinsky — the founders of Staff Providers, LLC — eventually turned their focus to placing Lean Six Sigma black belt candidates and others who had gained quality certifications in positions with manufacturing corporations, mid-sized companies, health care systems, hospitals, and other businesses across the country. Now, they’re fine tuning that focus even more.

Staff Providers says that it is providing contract staffing services due to the demands of its clients. And the candidates are pleased with the additional services too. Staff Providers is now able to help them to obtain health care benefits. In the past, the lack of benefits prevented a number of highly qualified candidates from considering contract jobs, as they’d have to spend too much providing their own catastrophic health insurance plan.

According to Lisa Chubinsky, contract work is especially attractive to those who are interested in using and developing their skills in a lot of different industries. Companies, still leery after the recession, are reluctant to hire people without testing them out first, she explained, so the contract option also works to their advantage.

Would you, as a Lean Six Sigma black belt, work as a contractor or would you prefer to be hired as a full time employee? The great thing about being certified in Lean Six Sigma is the doors it can open for you, providing you with job options you might not have had otherwise. Companies are always looking to save money and improve their quality of service. With a black belt, you can be the one to help them do that. For more information on Lean Six Sigma training, contact us.

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Michael George’s Newt Connection

A post reports that Strong America Now is actually a Super-PAC which supports Newt’s candidacy. Michael George, wealthy Lean Six Sigma entrepreneur and author, has put more than $200,000 toward mailers and phone calls for Newt’s presidential campaign.

As most Lean Six Sigma professionals who are paying attention know by now, Newt Gingrich is a fan of Lean Six Sigma for government and the web site Strong America Now which promotes the concept. It turns out that he has more than 200,000 reasons to like it. Newt and Michael George

George’s Super-PAC knows how to play political hardball. The one GOP candidate who declined George’s repeated invitations to sign “the Lean Six Sigma Pledge,” Mitt Romney, became the prime target of Strong America Now’s attack ads. “War it was to be,” said George. And war it was. For example, Strong America Now spent $40,552 in an Iowa campaign mailer in late December which branded Romney as “the second-most dangerous man in America.” (After Barack Obama.) George makes it clear that the Super-PAC is a strong-arm tactic to get Romney to sign the pledge. “I’d kill the super-PAC tomorrow,” if he signed, says George.

Perhaps Business Week is a bit unfair with it’s bottom line summary: Newt Gingrich regularly touts Lean Six Sigma, a management strategy created by a rich donor who started a super-PAC to support him. After all, Newt professed to be a fan before the Super-PAC was formed. And Newt took a Lean Six Sigma Class in the 1990s as a Congressman. Still, the level of interest being shown by Newt in Lean Six Sigma is probably not entirely because of its promise to streamline government.

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