3 ways becoming a Six Sigma Black Belt can transform your career

If you’re serious about your commitment to continued quality improvement within your organization, then earning your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification may prove a wise career move.

While any Six Sigma certification will teach you vital skills necessary for improving the efficiency of systems within your organization, Black Belt certification equips you to lead projects and drive change, setting you apart from your peers and positioning you for increased responsibility within your organization.

Six Sigma Black Belts become experts in applying statistical analysis to influence systems within their organizations. They play a key role in influencing and managing the daily operations of a business, as well as in helping shape the organization’s strategic direction.

Three ways becoming a Six Sigma Black Belt can transform your career include:

1.) You’ll be seen as an expert.

Unlike project management professionals or even Six Sigma Green Belts, Six Sigma Black Belts develop expertise in many areas, including advanced statistical analysis and systems management.

Topics covered in the Six Sigma Training for black belts include correlation and regression, hypothesis testing, and measurement system analysis, among others.

Six Sigma Black Belts are more than leaders; they’re innovators. They’re responsible for ensuring that the systems put in place to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and improve customer satisfaction remain in place and continue working effectively.

As a result, a Six Sigma Black Belt knows how to collect, analyze, and apply data to identify problems and implement processes to improve systems efficiency and consistency within an organization — valued skills in any organization.

2.) You’ll earn a higher salary. 

A Six Sigma Black Belt certification prepares you for senior management positions within your organization. As a result, Six Sigma Black Belts can expect to earn up to 36% more than Six Sigma Green Belts.

3.) You’ll improve your career mobility. 

Want to change jobs? Industries? Your Six Sigma training goes with you.

Six Sigma Black Belt certification will not only help you move up within your current company, but it will open doors should you decide to transfer jobs or move into a different industry. The skills and techniques acquired through your Six Sigma training prove valuable and applicable in any management role or industry, which will prove very attractive to hiring managers.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification, contact us at the Pyzdek Institute today for more information.

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The Learning Concept at Pyzdek Institute

During the manufacturing process, defects are inevitable and finding a way to minimize or eliminate them is paramount. Six Sigma and lean manufacturing are unique approaches that aid in addressing such errors, with Pyzdek Institute being at the center of training individuals on this one-size-fits-all approach. Here is what the learning concept of the institution entails.

Online resources

Those who enroll at Pyzdek Institute have access to a wide variety of resources to aid in the learning process. That ensures that such individuals gain the exposure they need to understand six sigma and lean manufacturing better. These resources include email support, more than 70 online modules, forums for communication with instructors, online resources for study, among others.

DFSS and Lean Six Sigma courses

The institute combines these courses because both are instrumental for those who work on Lean Six Sigma projects. That is because they experience various challenges from time to time, which require them to change the design of the process or the products. As a result, this training helps experts mitigate the negative impact of such situations, including a waste reduction in the value chain.

Focus on customers

Learners enrolling in the programs that Pyzdek Institute offers have a shift of interest towards what consumers need. That includes specific interest in functioning, service quality and the cost of a product. Also, learners gain insight on how to reduce the capital they require, how to control processes and improve on speed as well. That is what the Institute aims to achieve ultimately through its training programs. Contact us for more information.

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Government-Funded Six Sigma Training Boosts Workforce Numbers

A number of Pyzdek Institute students have obtained funding for their training under the Workforce Investment Act.

You could say that Helvi Kramer, of Cromwell, CT, was down on her luck. According to a report from the Hartford Courant, she lost her job as a project manager at a bank in 2013. A new job was hard to find… until the government invested $6,000 in order for her to obtain Six Sigma training. 51-year-old Kramer says it was that training that led to her being able to find a job through a contracting firm at The Hartford. After all, nothing else on her resume had changed.

Recently, another department made her a job offer and it led to The Hartford offering her an even better job — one with benefits. A job was what 25-year-old Samuel Janik found after he was provided with Six Sigma, as well. After being laid off from his fuel cell engineering job in 2014, he faced months of job applications and phone calls that were never returned. After he obtained his Six Sigma training? An job at an engineering firm and the offer of a slot in the company’s management training program, the article stated.

These are just two of the stories to be told of Connecticut’s comeback from the recession. The state added 4,000 jobs in March. They’ve added more than 27,000 jobs in the past year. They need roughly 26,300 more in order to reach pre-recession employment levels. Compensation levels are slower to bounce back, the article stated, and both of the cases mentioned above reflect that. However, higher pay is beginning to be seen — both for Kramer and Janik and for others finding jobs, as well.

Are you struggling to find a job after spending years building your work experience? If so, Six Sigma training could make all the difference for you. Six Sigma leads to better employment, and higher paying opportunities. If this is something you need, contact us for more information.  A number of Pyzdek Institute students have obtained funding for their training under the Workforce Investment Act. You need to contact the WIA officer in your own state for details and have them contact the Pyzdek Institute if they need additional information.

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Pyzdek Institute Approved for WIA Funding by Colorado Agency

The state of Colorado, Department of Labor & Employment, has added the Pyzdek Institute to its Eligible Training Provider List.

The state of Colorado, Department of Labor & Employment, has added the Pyzdek Institute to its Eligible Training Provider List. The Program Eligibility system enables training providers to enter initial and subsequent eligibility information for Workforce Investment Act participation. This information is submitted to the appropriate One-Stop Region for approval. Once approved the information is available to the general public and career counseling professionals for evaluation of training providers and submission of WIA funding. At this time the Pyzdek Institute’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification program has been approved, but additional Pyzdek Institute programs will be submitted for approval when prospective students indicate an interest.

Click here for additional details.

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Pyzdek Institute Receives Accreditation

We are proud to add the premier PEOPLECERT IASSC accreditation and testing services to our portfolio.

PEOPLECERT Group,  the experts in certifying professionals, today announced the accreditation of Pyzdek Institute , the global online training company, as an Accredited Training  Organization for the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) Lean Six Sigma exams.

PEOPLECERT Group offers independent, globally recognized certifications that evaluate competence, know-how and expertise and are key to today’s competitive, performance-driven business environment. PEOPLECERT operates worldwide, with 142 employees and 1,000 associates, through 8,850 global examination locations, including the extensive network of Pearson VUE.

Through its accredited program, instructors and curricula, Pyzdek Institute offers Lean Six Sigma training to its customers around the world. Students who complete Pyzdek Institute Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training will be well-prepared for the PEOPLECERT certification exams.

PEOPLECERT Group is the only certification body to offer the IASSC certification on a global level, through a multi-year strategic partnership with IASSC. IASSC, the only independent third-party association in the Lean Six Sigma industry providing professional credentialing, has developed the Lean Six Sigma certification examinations, designed to measure a person’s knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma process. Practitioners can sit for the exam in order to test their skills against a globally recognized standard. The Pyzdek Institute’s curricula for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training has been accredited to IASSC standards by PEOPLECERT Group.

“Our Lean Six Sigma training and certification is rapidly becoming more popular as our clients are seeking both cost efficiency and process optimization for their organizations, and our students seek a valuable credential to enhance their opportunities.”Stated Thomas Pyzdek, President of the Pyzdek Institute. “We are proud to add the premier PEOPLECERT accreditation and testing services to our portfolio.”

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Online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Released

Among major providers of online Lean Six Sigma training, the Pyzdek Institute’s online training is the only one to utilize the popular Moodle Course Management System. With Moodle, when a student says that they have successfully completed their training, they can provide documented evidence to prove it.

Thomas Pyzdek
Pyzdek Institute President and Lean Six Sigma Instructor

New online product added to existing online and live courses
Tucson, AZ March 1, 2010 – The Pyzdek Institute LLC has added Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification to its portfolio of online and live courses on  Process Excellence topics. The new course is written and presented by Thomas Pyzdek, author of The Six Sigma Handbook and numerous other authoritative works. “We have been teaching Lean Six Sigma to clients in live classes for well over a decade, and we’ve been teaching Six Sigma for much longer than that,” Pyzdek said. “But the ongoing economic crisis is causing a substantial increase in customer demand for online training, which provides significant cost benefits. In response we are creating online versions of our most popular courses. Online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is the most recent result of this effort, and we are very excited about it.”

Online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training consists of 69 modules covering the entire Lean Six Sigma Black Belt body of knowledge. Pyzdek stated “When I developed this training I did my best to fully integrate Lean and Six Sigma into a comprehensive approach to Process Excellence. When I teach the subject in my live seminars I emphasize that Lean and Six Sigma are complementary, and I tried to make sure that this message also came across in my online training. I believe that I succeeded.”

Among major providers of online Lean Six Sigma training, the Pyzdek Institute’s online training is the only one to utilize the popular Moodle Course Management System. Moodle allows the company to carefully monitor the progress of all students, including lesson modules viewed, resources downloaded, assignment submissions, quiz results, and so on. With Moodle, when a student says that they have successfully completed their training, they can provide documented evidence to prove it. Moodle Powered Logo

Moodle also lets corporate customers monitor their students as they move through training. Students can communicate with their instructors or with each other via Moodle forums, which students find are great for interacting with and learning from Master Black Belts and from each other. By using Moodle, The Pyzdek Institute can create separate “Groups” of students. Each group can be coached by its own Master Black Belt and when members of the group communicate with one another, their communications are private and can’t be seen by those who are not in the group. This allows corporate trainees to share their learning experiences with others internally, without worrying about compromising proprietary information. For example, Coventry Health Care is using The Pyzdek Institute to provide training to students in Florida and Arizona, coached by a Pyzdek Institute trained Master Black Belt employed by Coventry. Companies can even coordinate the training of employees anywhere in the world. Corporations can save substantially via group discounts.

The company’s training program is also unique in that it offers three levels of recognition, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. “We found that people have different training needs.” Said Pyzdek. “If a company will be testing and certifying their  own people, then Bronze recognition is right for them and save them money. Silver recognition adds certification testing, and Gold adds certification project presentation to a board of Master Black Belts.”

In addition, The Pyzdek Institute is the only major Lean Six Sigma training provider to offer payment plans. Every online course provides the option to pay for the training over a period of several months.

Media Contact:
Thomas Pyzdek (520) 204-1957

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