What You Achieve by Enrolling at Pyzdek Institute

Learning is a process that never stops, and that is why students and employees alike need to take advantage of various institutions that teach life skills in addition to professional training. Pyzdek Institute LLC is one such institute that seeks to offer more than just basic learning concepts through its programs. Here are some of the achievements of enrolling in this institute.

Professional and personal development

Pyzdek Institute LLC strives to produce all rounded individuals that can apply what they learn both at work and in their lives as well. Hence, by going through the Lean and Six Sigma training and certification programs the institute provides, professionals add to their work skills and develop their personal traits as well. As a result, such individuals realize an advancement in their lives and careers.

Improvement of workforce skills 

Organizations are largely dependent on their workforce when it comes to achievement of excellence and organizational processes. Lean and Six Sigma training and certification cultivate the necessary skills amongst staff members, to make this possible. In turn, that results to process excellence within the business.

Cross-industry and cross-functional applications

Six Sigma Training is part of the programs that Pyzdek Institute LLC offers. Some of the benefits include the fact that this program avails skills for use by individuals working in various industries. These include information technology, healthcare, manufacturing and financial sectors. Managers performing different functions can also use these skills in increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction, in leadership positions, implementation of change, and in managerial positions. Call us now for more information.

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Open New Doors to Excellence with the Pyzdek Institute LLC

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In the corporate world, the daily grind can be a dog eat dog world. You need to have yourself stand out in the crowd with the best training and certification available. The Pyzdek Institute LLC was created by the acknowledged leader in the industry, Thomas Pyzdek. The Pyzdek Institute offers a hugely successful program in Lean Six Sigma Training. In the pursuit for excellence, quality, and process, the Pyzdek Institute gives its participants a certification that facilitates and delivers Lean Six Sigma Certification Standards and Lean Six Sigma Training Program Accreditation. The Institute proudly regards its membership in the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) as a reward for the dedication and professionalism of the Pyzdek Institute.

Gaining certification in Lean Six Sigma, will give you instant credibility with any organization who may contact you for assistance. You have successfully completed many practice projects and problems using Minitab software. You have the standard text, Six Sigma Handbook, on your bookshelf. This text has set the standard in the field for more than thirteen years. You have had live support from Master Black Belts guiding you and giving you more confidence in the certification process. You know you can answer any question regarding an organization’s process failures using less resources while moving the organization forward, measuring future progress and success, and being certain the short and long term goals are met. You do not need any additional training and will be an immediate contributor to the organization. The Pyzdek Institute is excitedly waiting to begin your training. Please contact us at your convenience.

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Deciding Whether The Pyzdek Institute LLC Is Right For You

Conference Training Planning Learning Coaching Business Concept

Accredited Six Sigma Training can be what you have been searching for in order to take you to the next level. You can find out how to improve business processes and gain a significant amount of knowledge in the process. You will be able to handle project management with ease, and this includes helping you as well as the rest of your team.

Six Sigma training is offered in many places, though you want to find an institute that is going to cater to your needs. This means doing a little bit of research to see what you’re going to get and what you can expect throughout the process.

Various Levels

There are multiple levels of Six Sigma Training, including Green Belt and the Black Belt. You may not be ready for one and therefore you want the option of being able to start out slow. Much of it has to do with the time commitment as well as the number of continuing education credits that you will be able to earn.

Sample Lessons

Sometimes, you don’t know whether you are going to like a certain class style until you try it out. There’s nothing more frustrating than signing up for a class and then not enjoying it. You want to be successful and that means enjoying what you’re going to do, such as watching interactive video lessons. A free demonstration can be used to try it out and see whether it’s for you or not. Find out more today by visiting Pyzdek Institute, LLC.

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The Innovation behind the Pyzdek Institute


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Knowledge from Knowledge

While Six Sigma training is a staple in the professional world, it is also an investment of time, money, and personal resources. For professionals, verification of a program’s legitimacy and value is a determining factor. Looking at where a program stems from, the background, methodologies, and mission behind the creators, is a great resource in choosing an appropriate training venue.

Thomas Pyzdek, founder of The Pyzdek Institute, is a pillar in the professional community. While Pyzdek has received numerous awards, including the ASQ Edward’s Medal and Simon Collier Quality Award, his accomplishments truly shine within his admired writings including The Six Sigma Handbook, The Quality Engineering Handbook, and The Handbook of Quality Management. Along with these texts, Pyzdek holds over 50 copyrights used across the nation, as well as internationally, in various universities and organizations.

For professionals venturing into the Pyzdek program, this background is an epitome of success, speaking to the legitimacy of the program.

An Accessible Resource

The true success and innovation behind The Pyzdek Institute lies within its accessibility for professionals of all means and resources. For students currently working full-time or with family obligations, a bulk of the training can be completed online. Via the Pyzdek Institute, Six Sigma education and knowledge is easily accessible on an at-home computer or even at through public resources, such as a library or university computer lab.

With that said, the online training is also paired with access to professional coaches and tutors enlisted through Thomas Pyzdek‘s extensive network of contacts. This collaboration between self-study and in-person support creates a learning experience that can be tailored to meet the needs, schedule, and level of the student.

Honor in the Name

Once training is completed and a certification obtained, it’s time to embrace your new skills within the professional world. Simply put, sink or swim. With training and certification obtained through the Pyzdek Institute, your reliability is cemented in stone. Thomas Pyzdek is highly respected, therefore students who graduate from the program have a solid background that employers recognize as reliable.

This is truly the bread and butter of receiving a Six Sigma training from the Pyzdek Institute.

Pyzdek Institute is a high-quality, easy access online resource for Six Sigma training and certification. Founded by Thomas Pyzdek, author of the Six Sigma Handbook, the Pyzdek Institute offers the ease of either a self-study or guided program using Pyzdek‘s knowledge and extensive network. For more information regarding or to speak with a representative directly, please feel free to contact us.

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The Pyzdek Institute Approach Offers New Techniques For Six Sigma Certification

Pyzdek Institute LLC

In the spirit of lean manufacturing, let’s cut to the chase. You know that Six Sigma is the gold standard for quality and process professionals. Having a belt certification goes a long way as far as increasing your odds for landing a job with higher pay. The question isn’t, “Should I get a Six Sigma Certification?” The question is, “Where should I get it from?” There are lots of options for obtaining a Six Sigma Certification. The Pyzdek Approach to Lean Six Sigma is an excellent choice for obtaining your certification, and here are some reasons why:

1) Earning Your Keep

We’ve established that Six Sigma Certified employees earn more than other quality professionals without the certification (over $16,000 more a year). Why is that? It’s because they bring bigger benefits and savings to their companies. Learning Thomas Pyzdek’s approach to DMAIC will allow you to work more effectively for your company, as well as outshine your competition.

2) Software is Key

When you get a certification through Pyzdek, you will learn to utilize the most commonly used quality software. There won’t be an IT learning curve when you start at a new company. Being able to efficiently and intuitively use tracking software is essential for any quality professional.

3) Cheap Has Two Meanings

You pay for what you get. Pyzdek isn’t the cheapest game in town, but for the value you receive, they’re the best around.

For any questions concerning the Pyzdek approach to Lean Six Sigma, please contact us.

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Pyzdek Institute LLC: Lean Six Sigma Then and Now


Pyzdek Institute LLC

In the book Cheaper by the Dozen, two children of the famed Gilbreth family recount their various adventures growing up with their parents, Frank and Lilian, who were pioneers of efficiency in the workplace. Their stories include hilarious anecdotes about family vacations with bathing and changing schedules for 12 children, learning German while on the toilet so as not to waste all the minutes spent in the bathroom, and ‘bidding’ on household chores to see who would take the least pay to do the most work.

While so many of their experiences recounted are light-hearted and a little facetious, what they were experiencing in the microcosm of their family has become a world-wide phenomenon.

Frank and Lilian’s attempt to streamline a hectic family was a reflection of their passion to understand what makes a business, or industry, efficient, competitive and reliable. Since their time, these techniques have evolved from the machinist’s floor of Toyota, to healthcare and software engineering industries. Now known as Lean Management, or as Six Sigma, the application of these commonsense, but revolutionary practices in disparate industries has proven their effectiveness.

By using Lean Management and the Six Sigma strategies, businesses are strengthening their products, decreasing costs, and empowering employees.

The Pyzdek Institute, founded by Thomas Pyzdek, offers Lean Management training for all levels. Whether you are a CEO, manager, or entrepreneur, this system, refined by decades of research and field testing, can strengthen your business no matter what your field.

Because this system and philosophy have proven so effective, more people are seeking to understand what Frank Gilbreth knew and used to raise a happy, healthy ‘dozen’ children.

Contact us to learn more.

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Six Sigma for Education from Pyzdek Institute LLC

Pyzdek Institute LLC

Can Six Sigma work for public education?

Because lack of funding for education is an ongoing issue, the time is right to apply Six Sigma principles in a school setting.

Lean Six Sigma Training by Thomas Pyzdek integrates the Lean and Six Sigma bodies of knowledge into comprehensive systems that provide value for customers. For school administrators, Lean Six Sigma means reducing waste in support systems so that you can redirect crucial dollars into the classroom.

While the top priority of any school is educating students, the school is also a business that must make efficient use of available funds. How can the school staff and support services be organized to reduce waste and increase productivity?

Here are some areas where educators can apply Lean Six Sigma:

Flow of information.

Are record keeping processes streamlined so that student data is secure, accessible to those who need it, easily updated, and free from errors? Can paperwork processes be simplified so that more time is available for direct service to students?

Office costs.

Does the administrative office make the best use of technology to reduce printing and paper costs?

Inter-department cooperation.

Are tasks duplicated because departments are not communicating? How can a review of processes using Six Sigma streamline workflow and interaction between departments?

Staff deployment.

Do you have the right number of support staff assigned to high need areas? How can staffing be revamped to deliver service to instructional staff more efficiently?

Contact the Pyzdek Institute to learn how Lean Six Sigma training can help you maximize your school budget.

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The Pyzdek Institute LLC Provides the Top Six Sigma Training and Certifications

Pyzdek Institute LLC

The “sigma” in the name refers to the statistical concept of standard deviation. In a normal, or bell curve, distribution, the most common results center around the middle. The farther out from the center, the more standard deviations away the result is.

When companies wish to improve the overall quality of their products, they must first define what level of mistakes is acceptable. A 99% “confidence level” means that, when tested, any product chosen at random will be perfect is 99%. That sounds high until you realize that still means one out of every product will be defective. For mass market consumer items shipped and sold in the millions of units, that’s a lot of defective products people are returning to stores for refunds and making complaints about.

Large companies have had statisticians who calculated how many units for the quality control department to test, but often the emphasis was on quantity of production, not quality. What happened on the plant floor stayed on the plant floor. The American automobile operated that way for years, and it’s one factor that drove consumers into the arms of Japanese and German car companies in the early 1970s. The foreign cars were not just better designed, they were a lot less likely lemons.

Engineer Bill Smith introduced the Six Sigma concept to Motorola in 1986, and, as CEO, Jack Welch introduced it to General Electric in 1995.

When the number of defects found in a product are six standard deviations away from the mean, that means there are defects in only 3.4 products out of every million. That’s a 99.99966% confidence level.

That’s a lot fewer mistakes and lot fewer disappointed customers. By 2005, Motorola said implementing Six Sigma had saved it over $11 billion. Giving customers free replacements for defective products cost both money and credibility with the market. These days, millions of consumer see one mistake broadcast on Facebook and Twitter. And it’s easier to build engineer high quality into the manufacturing process than to fix mistakes after they occur.

Thomas Pyzdek has been an advocate of high quality since 1967, long before it became trendy. He’s a Six Sigma consultant and expert, author of numerous books on quality control and the founder of the Pyzdek Institute. His book The Six Sigma Handbook is the standard reference on the subject. The institute offers training and certification to Six Sigma professionals. He is a Fellow of the American Society for Quality. The ASQ gave him its Edward’s Medal and the Simon Collier Quality Award.

Like karate, Six Sigma ability goes up by the color of belt, ranging from white for beginners to black for experts. The Pyzdek Institute offers training and certification for all levels, plus coaching, and is the most well-respected certifications in the field. The institute has Master Black Belt coaches in Japan, Saudi Arabia and Australia as well as the United States. All the institute’s training promotes Pyzdek‘s unique and proven approach to process improvement and Lean Six Sigma.

Pyzdek organized the institute to serve as a resource for everybody who wishes to learn more about Six Sigma. Some of its training is self-coached and some requires a coach. It is an investment in the Six Sigma expert’s career, but for everybody in the quality field The Pyzdek Institute LLC gives training that will advance that career.

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Why Choose The Pyzdek Institute LLC For Your Six Sigma Training Needs


Pyzdek Institute LLCSix Sigma is a vital methodology for success in the corporate world. However, gaining the knowledge necessary to successfully implement Six Sigma practices is difficult. Many institutions now offer certification programs, so how do you know which program is best?

Here at The Pyzdek Institute LLC, we know choosing the correct certification program is important. We developed our training and certification programs specifically to suit the various needs of you and your business.

The following is a list of some things for you to consider in your search for certification.

  1. Thomas Pyzdek is the authority on Six Sigma Training.He is the author of The Six Sigma Handbook, one of the definitive works on Six Sigma in the world. Through The Pyzdek Institute, you will benefit directly from over 40 years of his experience in training and consultation.
  2. We offer a course to fit your needs.The Pyzdek Institute offers more than various levels of Six Sigma Training. We also offer Lean and Lean Six Sigma training and Certification, as well as options to upgrade your current training as needed. Thomas Pyzdek‘s unique and proven approach to process excellence provides the foundation for all our programs.
  3. We offer more for less.A comparison chart by World Class Manufacturing (WCM) pits us against other renown Six Sigma institutes, and we come out unquestionably ahead. We include everything you need, from software to support to real world experience, without padding the cost. As WCM says, we undoubtedly offer the “best overall quality” with the added “good reputation” of our name.

Since the initial development of Six Sigma, business men, women, and corporations worldwide have benefited using proper Six Sigma training and certification.

If it’s time for you to utilize these proven strategies, we at The Pyzdek Institute are happy to provide you with the best programs available for all of your needs. Please contact us today.


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How the Pyzdek Institute Can Save You Time

Pyzdek Institute LLC

If you’re a busy professional, you know how hard it is to find the time you need to advance your career. You’re often too busy handling the nuts and bolts of your current position to turn an eye toward the future. Fortunately, The Pyzdek Institute can help.

High-Quality Training Programs

The Pyzdek Institute offers high-quality Six Sigma training programs designed by Six Sigma expert, Thomas Pyzdek. Six Sigma is a set of management ideas used by corporations worldwide. People with different types of training — called “belts” — take on certain roles within a company. Whether your company already uses this program or not, the training you’ll receive from us helps you become more efficient at your job. It may even set you up for a promotion.

Training on Your Time

The problem with many Six Sigma training programs is that they require a lot of time. You might have to travel to get to an in-person class and rush to complete the certification process before your time is up. The Pyzdek Institute has a generous year-long program that allows you to complete the work when you can. The program is online, but it’s quite interactive, with videos and self-graded quizzes. The certification test is even online. When you choose us, there’s no pressure. You can work any time of day or night, and take a day off when you need it.

Let us show you how easy it is to get your Six Sigma certification. Contact us for more details into our offerings and get started on the path toward a brighter career.

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