Finding Your Fit at The Pyzdek Institute

At The Pyzdek Institute, we offer a comprehensive range of Lean Six Sigma courses designed for professionals focused on meeting goals and tight deadlines. Choosing the right training is key to improving performance, which is why we provide courses for every skill level. Some of the basic features in our popular training courses are as follows:

1) Lean Six Sigma White Belt

This course is for the professional who is just entering their journey in Lean production. The four-hour course (equivalent to almost half a Continuing Education Unit) provides a basic introduction to Six Sigma concepts and builds a foundation for future growth in the field.

2) Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

The next step on the Lean production ladder is the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training. This higher level course requires a 40 hour commitment, ensuring that your training gives you a solid working knowledge in the field. Completion of this certification course will not only certify you as a Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma – it comes with four Continuing Education Units, over 300 quiz questions to build your knowledge, and more.

3) Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Green Belt training is a higher-intensity course for bringing your skills to the next level. As part of this 100 hour training, you delve into assignments graded by an expert in the field, receive a textbook — autographed by Thomas Pyzdek — to keep as a future reference manual, receive a 1-year Minitab License, and learn from 50 modules, project coaching, 500+ quiz questions, and more.

4) Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Professionals who complete the 180 hour Black Belt course prove themselves as true masters in their field. In addition to all the coaching, assignments, textbook, license, and other benefits of the Green Belt certification course, the training includes 18 CEUs, 17 online modules, and more than 700 quiz questions.

Wherever you stand on the Lean production spectrum, the Pyzdek Institute has a training program that is right for you. Still need help determining where you should start? Contact us for a quick consultation and we’ll help you grow your skills to the level your business needs.

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10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Training Provider

From time to time I am asked by a prospective student to compare The Pyzdek Institute to a competitor. Below is a typical response from me to one of these inquiries.

Dear Mr. X,
Thank you for your inquiry. Regarding a comparison of our products to those of [Competitor], I make it a policy not to comment directly on any particular competitor. However, regarding the criteria you may wish to use  when making a choice between us and any competitor, might I suggest the following:

  1. Did they write The Six Sigma Handbook? The prestige and value of your certification depends on the reputation of the service provider. If you choose The Pyzdek Institute then the author of your training will be the person who wrote the book that has been the standard textbook in the field for 13 years. His name and signature appears on your certificate. Your certification will be recognized and respected without question.
  2. Is the Certification exam included, or is it an extra charge? The fee for Pyzdek Institute training includes the certification exam.
  3. Is the certification project assessment included? The fee for Pyzdek Institute training includes this at no additional cost.
  4. Are they accredited by The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) as a training provider? We are.
  5. Do they have provision for ongoing, low cost site access after completing the course? Our Lifetime Learning subscription provides access to our training site to students for a price that is a fraction of our full subscription price.
  6. Do they include a full one-year license to Minitab statistical software? Minitab is the defacto standard software package for Six Sigma. Our price includes a one year license and our training has numerous videos showing how to use it for performing various Six Sigma analyses.
  7. Do they include a full one-year license to Minitab’s Quality Companion project management software? We do.
  8. Is their student forum (assuming they have one) monitored by and responded to by Thomas Pyzdek, well known author and consultant with over 40 years of hands on experience in Operational Excellence?
  9. Do they offer homework assignments which are graded by Master Black Belts? We do.
  10. Do they have hundreds of self-scoring quiz questions covering the entire body of knowledge to help you learn and prepare for certification exams? We do.

These are just a few of the areas where we differ from the typical competitor. Complete details for all our courses are available in our online store. I look forward to seeing you in one of our courses soon.

Tom Pyzdek
(O) 520-204-1957

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