Third Party Reviews


Very rarely will you see a recommendation which starts with an Opportunity. I often get calls from clients who explain that they just attended a one week crash course and received a Six Sigma certificate—and they don’t have a clue about what to do next. This opportunity allows me to help them overcome what I call the empty certificate dilemma. Recently on one of these calls, I had a dialogue with a commissioner of health care in a major U.S. city. She asked me who I could recommend. When I discussed the Pyzdek Institute my reference was of a quality program at a level that is world-class.

In todays fast-paced new world of online training you won’t find a better value than The Pyzdek Institute.

Mr. Manny Barriger, CEO Rent-A-Blackbelt®

World Class Manufacturing

World Class Manufacturing comparison table. The website World Class Manufacturing reviews and compares The Pyzdek Institute, Acuity Institute, Six Sigma Online and Villanova University.

BrightHub Bright Hub Project Management

Bright Hub provider reviews. Discusses The Pyzdek Institute, Villanova, and ASQ. A bit dated (e.g., we now offer 6 additional training courses.) The prices in this review did not include software, grading, testing and a number of other items that are now included. Still, overall a good discussion.